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The flute transcended age, cultural and religious boundaries.  People were connecting with their own hearts and their deepest dreams.  People were coming home to themselves.


Welcome!  I grew up in the New York area and I’m currently living near Baltimore, Maryland.  As a child I studied the classical silver flute and had fun with it until I got too busy with college.  Years later, around 1994, burned out after graduate school and recovering from a serious neuromuscular disease, I discovered the Native American flute through my Indian friends.  I had been seeking an artistic means to connect with Spirit.  The classics had been good training but did not offer the spiritual connection I needed.  I received much inspiration from Mary Youngblood, Robert Tree Cody, R.Carlos Nakai and Jeff Ball.  Since that time the American Indian flute has been my constant teacher and guide on my life journey.  My life had become a Flute Journey.

A few friends started showing me how healing this music was for others.  So I accepted the role of bringing forth healing music to others.  I soon found myself playing for people who were ill, for meditation groups and spiritual gatherings, and working with inner city disadvantaged youth in Washington, D.C.  The flute transcended age, cultural and religious boundaries.  People were connecting with their own hearts and their deepest dreams.  People were coming home to themselves.

The flutes continue to carry me out into the world where they want to be.  I’ve led a successful program of flute music for hospital patients in coma and recovering from stroke and spinal surgeries.  My "Meditative Journeys" workshops guide participants on vivid journeys through their inner landscapes, offering a unique means of self-discovery and connection with Spirit.

On the concert front, I’ve had the joy of performing in various concerts with Mary Youngblood, Michael Graham Allen (Coyote Oldman), Jeff Ball and Tito La Rosa.

In 2002 while I was playing at Milwaukee’s Indian Summer Festival, a friend heard me expressing a desire to record a solo CD.  As they say, be careful what you ask for.  I soon found myself setting up a recording studio in my apartment and learning how to engineer music.  Exactly 9 months later, Woodland Winds was born.  Coming full circle to the place of its first seeds, Woodland Winds was nominated for the 2004 Indian Summer Music Awards.

And the journey goes on….



WOODLAND WINDS is a Nominee for the
2004 Indian Summer Music Awards!

**** star (4-star) Rating from All Music Guide

Heard on NPR, NARAS, Native America Calling, Echoes WOODLAND WINDS is a vivid journey with the Native American flute.  A meditative experience, Jan Seiden’s  unique style and clear tonality touch the heart.  Original and lyrical, soothing and uplifting, this music transports you to a peaceful world of natural wonders.

These songs are inspired by the richness of our natural
world.  Their stories were told to Jan by the river otter,
by the birds, through the turning of the days and by the
spirits of the people who have lived and dreamed upon
this land.

1. Kindling Fire (0:52) 
2. Grandmothers Dreaming (4:31)
3. Waves on the Wind (5:41) 
4. Riverbird (3:58)
5. Morning’s Dance (2:59)
6. Otter at Play (4:08)
7. Listen (3:30) 
8. Shooting Stars (1:30)
9. Bird on Fallen Berries (2:36) 
10. Friendship Road (3:11)
11. Night Falling through the Pines (1:38) 
12.Call to Song (2:41)
13. Calling Out (7:30) 
14. Courting the Dream (3:31)
15. Gratitude (4:27) 

Total Running Length 52:50