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Health & Fitness

With George Gray, Jr.





George A. Gray, Jr

The music came first within my life and from there I accepted exercise to enhance my stamina, endurance, energy and muscular strength to launch my performance to another level on the drums. The music and the training (exercising) works hand in hand to achieve the goal of better daily performance within the wellness of life.

After 6 months of engaging in a cardiovascular and resistance training routine my energy, control of the drum set, power, flexibility and stamina improved 75%. By creating a low impact exercise routine that's used daily prohibited loss of flexibility or any encounter of stiffness and immobility to play the drums. This allowed the body to overcome developing carpal-tunnel syndrome, arthritis, lower back problems and unlimited physical stress factors due to bad posture.

Introduction To Managing Personal Health

It's important to manage your health and your lifestyle by managing your diet, exercising regularly, and controlling your stress. Physical benefits of managing your health includes having more energy, improving your cardiovascular health, and having less risk of serious disease. Psychological benefits include being more confident, having self-esteem, and feeling better about yourself.

Beginning your individual fitness program takes a sincere commitment to make a real difference in your own life. It means learning from the past and preparing a strategy for health maintenance and behavior modification for the rest of your life. Consistency is the most important element in gaining results.

Maintaining a healthy weight means avoiding being overweight or underweight. Maintaining your proper weight has a big effect on the three areas of wellness: exercise, diet, and stress. Don't try to lose weight too fast: don't skip meals; eat three meals or more a day to speed up your metabolism and eat them slowly: and become more active.

National efforts are underway in health promotion and disease prevention with specific emphasis on the reduction of risk factors related to physical and mental health, such as smoking, drinking, diet, and exercise.

George A. Gray, Jr is a certified Personal Trainer through the International Fitness Professional Association (I.F.P.A) with a certification in CPR through the American Heart Association.  George has been involved with this industry for 23 years and professionally personal training for 20 years.  Experience is the best teacher!

As a professional personal trainer I can help and guide you by presenting you with a injury free health and fitness routine customized towards achieving your specific goals.  And if you truly wish to learn more about what you need and can do to enhance your health and your musical growth with your instrument or whatever you have in mind.  Make sure you call the number before for a consultation

Appointments can be made and questions answered by calling (718)857-5994.


George Gray's ideas and fitness tips can also be found monthly in the New York Drummer's World online News Letter. Check it out at



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