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From The Founder/Editor-In-Chief

Hello Jazz World!


o jazz lovers from all over the world, welcome to the official web site of Baltimore Jazzine,  established in December of 2006 by yours truly, Tamm E Hunt, and dedicated to the preservation and propagation of jazz in Baltimore and beyond.

From our own shores and beyond, waves of Baltimore Jazz enthusiasts have increased tremendously, probably due to the combined effect of the internet, and the globalization surge as well as Jazz Education and awareness continues to revitalize Baltimore culture. 

Baltimore Jazzine  has taken this opportunity to reach out to the multitudes of jazz aficionados from all over the world and locally in Baltimore, with the intent to present the "real scenario" as it happens in the Baltimore scene.

Lots of interesting Baltimore jazz information, pictures, reviews, articles and more will now be available at the click of a mouse :)

So you are all invited to make BALTIMORE JAZZINE  - "The Home of Baltimore's Jazz", and your home as well!

Tamm E Hunt

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