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About Baltimore Jazzine


Mission Statement


Baltimore Jazzine is devoted to fostering camaraderie and brotherhood among Jazz music collectors, fans and musicians of every persuasion in a common bond of Jazz appreciation.

Baltimore Jazzine will provide an open communication and a common meeting ground for exchanging information about Jazz and Jazz recordings, and for the pleasure of meeting others who share the love for the music.

 Moreover, it will serve as a platform to advance, promote, assist and support the development and enjoyment of Jazz music in the Baltimore and beyond.

Main Objectives:

To provide a venue for Jazz lovers to meet, listen, discuss and share mutual enthusiasm for this music.

  • To spread and nurture the music by organizing and promoting seminars, lectures and clinics by well-known jazz personalities whether they be local or international lecturers.
  •  To maintain a meeting ground for collectors of jazz recordings of all eras and style whether the collectable medium be recordings, tapes or films and to encourage and promote both collecting and research in the related field of artist, label and discography.
  • Publishing a regular (Quarterly) Jazz Journal or Newsletter consisting of a membership directory, news, articles, reviews and performances, among many others.
  • Providing performance opportunities for local jazz musicians whether they be amateur, students or professionals by organizing and producing festivals, concerts, club gigs and other types of jazz events.
  • Organizing an International Jazz Festival whether they are from the Baltimore City/Counties, MidAtlantic or world international level and provide the opportunity for local musicians and fans to interact with them in performances or discussions.
  • To hold an annual convention where we get to meet all members from all over the country.

Secondary Objectives:

  • By increasing the public’s awareness of jazz by supporting, when possible, educational programs for the youth and providing musical scholarships for promising talents.

  • Spreading jazz music to other local/provincial venues and reach people who may not be familiar with the music by performances of jazz musicians: 
    • Link up with other Jazz societies worldwide and make special arrangements for tour bookings of jazz bands, information exchanges, etc.

 To establish a well-organized, full-fledged Baltimore Jazzine Membership wherein its members will enjoy the benefits of getting together in a relaxed atmosphere to listen, play, enjoy and learn more about Jazz.

  • To organize/recruit its members.
  • To form the various committees that will run the organization.


1.      Monthly Membership Meetings

  •  A.  Clinic and Lectures:
           -- Organize an oral history presentation of 
             our local jazz history
         -- Develop a jazz lecture series
         -- Create a jazz film series
         -- Offer a jazz concert series
         -- Organize a jazz symposium
  •  B.     Tape/CD-R Exchanges
  •  C.     Buying-Selling of Jazz Recordings
  •   D.     Announcements of New Members, future
               activities, gigs, etc.

2.      Quarterly Jazz Journal/Newsletter/Website

  •  A.       Membership Directory
             -- Will lists the “Who’s Who” of Baltimore               jazz aficionados, which will be updated
                   every six (6) months. This is your
                 “network” with others who share your
                   interests. The directory will include:
               -- members’ name
               -- addresses,
               -- phone numbers and specific
                   jazz interests
  • B.     News, Jazz Articles, Album-Concert Reviews,
             Gig Schedule, Updates, CD Recommendations,
             Interviews, etc.

3.      Membership

  • A.     Membership to Baltimore Jazzine is open to any one who is a jazz enthusiast living in Baltimore and beyond or
  • B.       Benefits:
             -- Association with fans, collectors and
                 musicians of ever persuasion in a common bond of jazz appreciation.
             -- Our Baltimore Jazzine web site filled with
                 every news item, record
                 reviews, articles and ads of recordings for sale
                 or trade.
             -- Our annual convention,
             -- Our Membership Directory lists, stickers and
  • 4.      Annual Convention

         We shall be organizing an annual convention,
         which will be held in Baltimore City where
         you mingle with other jazz members from all over
         the country and enjoy the fellowship, live music,
         jam sessions, record dealing, the exchange of
         information, jazz films and other special events.

    5. Build A Library

  • A. Build a display of jazz recordings and other
         jazz paraphernalia.
  • B. To link to other jazz magazines i.e
         Downbeat, Jazz Times, Jazziz, Signal To Noise, etc.
  • C. Will request members who have extra or
         unwanted recordings or books to donate
         them in this library.
  • The membership application form is available online.
    For any questions regarding Baltimore Jazzine or its member- ship, please e-mail or you can contact 410.800.4778

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    Reginald F. Lewis Museum