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CD Reviews


Artist & CD of The Month

Moe Daniels, arranger, performer, keyboardist


Moe Daniels started playing piano in 1957 at the ripe old age of 3 years old. Later he developed his musical abilities after entering into college as a music major. A master in composition, arranging and perfoming Moe Daniels has performed and/or recorded with major singers and musicians in the entertainment industry; Angela Bofil, The Spinners, Isaac Hayes, George Duke, Anita Baker, Vesta, Lonnie Smith, Lonnie Liston Smith, Melisa Morgan, Kim Waters, Glen Jones, Nancy Wilson, Ray Parker, George Johnson(Brothers Johnson), Jean Carne, Michael Henderson, Najee and many others.
Developing an acumen for business, Moe Daniels founded Swing City Records, Inc. in collaboration with David Wells and some of the finest musicians in the Mid-Atlantic region.


Moe Daniels' True Hearts Project: Dedication


1 Song For My Melody
2 Audrey
3 Space Debris
4 No Blues For Jimmy Wells
5 EveryBody Gonna Dance
6 Muffy's Penny
7 St. Michael
8 Faith
9 Miles From Home
10 GT (Gary's Tune)
11 The Whit
12 Free At Last



When you see a jazz musician playing, you're looking at a pioneer, you're looking at an experimenter, you're looking at a scientist, you're looking at all those things because it's the creative process incarnate! Albert Murray