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Jazz Photography

all photos by Leo Howard Lubow.  
No Unauthorized Reproduction Permitted.
All rights reserved.

Leo Howard Lubow
portrait, fine art & jazz photographer



Leo Howard Lubow is a fine art portrait photographer whose studio is located in the Rockland Gristmill at the corner of Falls and Old Court Roads, just off of the Ruxton Road exit of the Jones Falls Expressway.  In 1997, after 20 years as a business litigator, Lubow gave up his legal practice to pursue both writing and photography.  Since then, he has completed an existential thriller and created a cross-disciplinary body of photography that includes fine art, portrait, photojournalistic and street-scene portfolios.  Lubow shoots film (Leica and Canon) and digital (Canon), and performs all post-capture work to completion of the final print.  Although he works in both color and black and white, the latter predominates, particularly when the subject is one of his favorites:  jazz and blues musicians.  On 1 March 2005, Lubow’s photograph entitled Violinist, New York Subway won 1st Prize in SEE THE MUSIC, a juried exhibit of approximately 40 artists commissioned by the Annapolis Symphony Orchestra.  In the December 2004 issue of Petersen’s PHOTOgraphic, Lubow’s image of Joshua Redman, entitled Sax in Silhouette, won Grand Prize in a competition devoted to silhouettes.  In recent months, Lubow has participated in several exhibitions; lectured and taught courses in photography and photoshop; shot several jazz albums; been profiled in The Baltimore Jewish Times; had his work displayed on the PBS program, Artworks; was a featured contributor in the Baltimore Urbanite; and has been published in Downbeat Magazine, Jazziz, Shutterbug, and Baltimore Magazine.  His work, including prints for sale, can be seen on the internet at   

Select B&W Jazz Images

Sax in Hand

Ahmad Jamal

Sax in Silhouette
(Joshua Redman)

Select Color Images

Dress Rehearsal
for the Baltimore Jazz Alliance Album, Baltimore Jazzscapes

Miles to Go
("I'll play it & tell you what it is later."  Miles Davis)
for the Baltimore Jazz Alliance Album, Baltimore Jazzscapes

Lafayette Gilchrist
cover shot for Toward the Shining Path


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