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Black History Month/Special Edition

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Arch Social Club History

The Arch Social Club incorporated on March 15, 1912 - some forty-seven years after slavery had ended. It was about the same time when the NAACP was getting started. Baltimore, Maryland was a racially segregated city where Jim Crow, white supremacy and racial segregation doctrines were the Constitutional Law of the Land. African Americans began, at that point, to engage in activities to create and build their own social, economic, and cultural institutions in their communities so as to empower themselves to create a brand new future for their people. African Americans had their own churches, fraternal groups, schools, and businesses. Hence, as a result of those mandatory racial segregations laws, African Americans were more economically and socially united without regard to class distinctions. With this deep-seeded feeling of love and respect for the people and the with a spirit of commonality of purpose in mind, Raymond A. Coates, Jeremiah S. Hill, and Sam L. Barney founded the Arch Social Club.

The club was founded “for the social, moral, and intellectual uplift of its members and in order that charity may be practiced in a Christian-like spirit - along with true friendship and brotherly love.” The members of Arch Social originally gathered at Stokes Restaurant, which was at the corner of Arch and Josephine Streets. These men established a clubhouse in a rented building at 655 Josephine Street, and, in 1922, they purchased a building at 676 Saratoga Street. The club received a liquor license on September 6, 1934.

In 1972, they moved to the current location at 2426 Pennsylvania Avenue.

The Arch Social Club is, essentially, a historic, uptown, private gentlemen’s club and is the oldest known, continuously operating African American social club in the United States. It is a self-sufficient and self-supporting club that has survived and outlived all African American saloons and clubs of the past century.

For the uninitiated, the Arch Social Club is an exclusive membership club that operates as a nite club. With its down to earth atmosphere, guests socialize and fell good about themselves – as well as the larger black community.

More About The Arch Social

The Arch Social Club, Maryland's oldest private club for African American
men, is preparing for it's 95th anniversary celebration in March of 2007. We
are seeking relatives and descendants of members, and particularly those of
the founders and early members listed below. These men resided at or had
businesses located at the below listed addresses between 1910-1920. Unless
otherwise indicated, all addresses are in Baltimore.

Raymond Coates 636 Josephine St.,
Jeremiah Hill 737 George St.,
Samuel L. Barney 413 Vine St.

Dr. Clarence Bailey 737 W. Franklin St.,
Walter E. Batson 118 N. Schroeder St.,
Dr. Harry Brown 1501 Presstman St.,
George Chapman 635 Vine
St., Rev. J. A. Davis 648 Josephine St.,
Charles Douglass of Warrenton, VA., Dr.
Charles Fowler 1201 Druid Hill Ave.,
Charles Garner 605 George St.,
Samuel T. Hemsley 578 W. Biddle St.,
George Bailey of Annapolis Ave.,
William Harrod 520 Pine St.,
Thomas Smith 2035 Druid Hill Ave.,
George Holland 650 Josephine St.,
William McCard 1940 Druid Hill Ave.,
Robert Morsell 624 Raborg St.,
Richard Morsell 642 Josephine St.,
Henry Randolph 1522 Artic Ave. Atlantic City NJ,
Wilbert Brown 114 Schroeder St.,
Charles Ringgold 534 N. Caroline St.

To: AfriGeneas @ Lists.MsState.Edu

The above list is just a portion of the members so if you think you may have
a relative who was a member, contact me directly and I'll do a look up.


February 25, 2007  

 5:OO PM - 9:00 PM


Arch Social Club

  2426 Pennsylvania Ave.
Baltimore, MD 21217


   invites you to celebrate     

A Black History Month Tribute


The Music of Renown

Afro-American Jazz Musicians & Composers


Duke Ellington

Count Basie

Fats Waller

Louis Armstrong 

 John Coltrane

Billie Holiday

and many others


with vocal performances featuring

 “Tiny Tim” Harris 


young vocal sensation

Chrissy Britton


The Nationally Acclaimed Big Band

 The Arundel Jazz Messengers


Free Admission  
(Donations Accepted)


About "Tiny" Tim Harris?
Tim began his singing career in 1945. He started making records while still in high school. In the 60's and 70's, Tim was singing on "the Avenue", the Afro American Mecca of the entertainment during the mid-20th century. He was singing at such places as Club Casino, Bamboo Lounge, and the Millionaire Club. His performances included the famous "Chittlin' Circuit", which included such famous clubs as the Apollo Theater in Harlem and the Royal Theater on Pennsylvania Avenue in Baltimore. Since then, Tim has continued to delight audiences with over five decades of outstanding musical performances.

Tim's versatility and ability to sing any style of music still puts him in high demand as a performer. He performs with impeccable musical taste. His unique, energetic stylistic approach and interpretation of a song has made him popular with all audiences. Tim is a Baltimore Afro American icon and currently appears every Wednesday night with Major Boyd, Cory Brooks and Rubin Armstrong at Maceo's Lounge on Monroe Street.


About Dr. Phill Butts?
Dr. Phil Butts has been teaching instrumental music at Arundel High School for thirty five years. He is music department chair and teaches the Arundel High School Band, Orchestra, Jazz Band, AP Music Theory and Current PErspectives in Music. Dr. Butts has performed with such artists as Gladys Knight, Gary US Bonds, Ernie Andrews, the late comedian "Pig Meat", The Baltimore Trio, The Bob Barrett Bid Band and "Tiny" Tim Harris. He has served as past officer of the Maryland Chapter for the International Association of Jazz Education. Dr. Butts continues to be an active jazz clinician, performer, and music educator. He currently appears with the "Rhythm Kings Big Blues Band" featuring Vernon Wolst, Joe Hosey, and Bob Boreman every Thursday night at Tequila Sunset (Libby's) on Pennsylvania Avenue.

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